Who should direct the Donald Trump biopic?

After Dan Rather tweeted out a suggestion that Martin Scorsese should take charge of Trump: The Movie, here’s a look at who else could capture the life of the president.


The Last Controversy of Christ

Thirty years ago this month, the world saw the release of one of the most divisive movies ever made: Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ. The film stands almost unrivaled in terms of ferocity of backlash and cultural import, and the controversy it inspired helped establish the ideological battle lines in which the culture wars… Continue reading The Last Controversy of Christ

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Here I Come to Save the Day: The Great White Avenger in Cinema

From The Searchers, to Taxi Driver, to this year's riveting You Were Never Really Here - how American movies have mined, interrogated, and subverted the troubling genre of 'captivity narratives'.