Top 20 Films of 2018

As I do every year, entirely for my own amusement, I have decided to list my favorite films of the year. Usually I do my top 15, but 2018 offered a really strong batch, so I went with 20. This year was also the one in which I made the jump into professional film criticism,… Continue reading Top 20 Films of 2018


Beyond the grave: what’s next for the horror reboot?

After Halloween’s record-breaking haul, Hollywood is set to look to the past to bring back horror’s most feared villains

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Book Review: True Indie: Life and Death in Film Making – Author Don Coscarelli

  I review the new memoir from the director of such cult classics as Phantasm, The Beastmaster, Bubba Ho Tep, and John Dies at the end.


Report from Beyond Fest 2018

Los Angeles’s biggest genre festival, Beyond Fest, just wrapped its sixth and most ambitious program. Heads were exploded, minds were melted, and a bloody good time was had by all. Here is a small sampling of what I watched over the last two weeks.


Keanu and Winona 4ever: on-screen couples who keep getting back together

The release of romcom Destination Wedding marks the third time that the pair have paired up, the latest in a long line of reunited big-screen couples


Who should direct the Donald Trump biopic?

After Dan Rather tweeted out a suggestion that Martin Scorsese should take charge of Trump: The Movie, here’s a look at who else could capture the life of the president.


No rights allowed: the strange world of unofficial movie sequels

With the release of Unbroken: Path to Redemption an odd history of unsanctioned sequels, from Never Say Never Again to Titanic II emerges


Lights, camera, automation: should robots replace human actors?

American History X director Tony Kaye has revealed that his next film will star an AI actor, a groundbreaking move but one that fits in with a history of transhumanism on screen