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Here I Come to Save the Day: The Great White Avenger in Cinema

From The Searchers, to Taxi Driver, to this year's riveting You Were Never Really Here - how American movies have mined, interrogated, and subverted the troubling genre of 'captivity narratives'.

Books, Movies

Mary Shelley and Other Speculative Literary Biopics

A look at the strange and eclectic subgenre of the speculative literary biopic, including Gothic, La Note Bleue, Kafka, Agatha, Naked Lunch, The Raven, The Adventures of Mark Twain, Hammett, and Barton Fink.


The Death of Stalin and the Canon of Dystopian Farce

Armando Iannucci's latest film may be the pinnacle of a type of political satire that can only be dubbed 'Dystopian Farce'.